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Black Bog Oak Wood Mechanical Pencil with Gunmetal Hardware

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Handcrafted wood pens (and pencils) are turned on the lathe and then after sanded. After sanding, several finish coats are buffed into the pen to give them a smooth appearance. Not only are these pens beautiful to look at, but they are also extremely functional and beautiful.

The Bog Oak have been soaked in many years of history. Over centuries and a millennium, sinking Oak trunks lay on the bottom of a surface of water. They lie there for many years without any exposure to oxygen, completely submerged. In result of the chemical processes, the sap from the wood and minerals from the water dye the wood a black color. Bog Oak is an extremely rare and unique material which color speaks for itself (and varies from green black to brown to black black).

The mechanical pencil is a click top and takes .7mm lead (some is included). Simply take off the eraser and drop in the lead.