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Solid Wood Cedar Jumbo Dice, Handmade, Hand painted

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Our jumbo solid wood dice are a fun addition to any game room, rec room or backyard. These solid cedar pieces have been had each of their pips drilled out and hand painted with black acrylic paint and finished with a mineral oil. Suitable for use outdoors.

Can be used to play any game that calls for dice (boardgames, bunco, yahtzee, yardzee). They are heavy (about 10oz. each), so we suggest that they either be put on display or played with outdoors (preferably on a lawn). For easier throwing, we suggest using a bucket to throw them (that you will provide).

Wood: Cedar
Dimensions: 3.5 in x 3.5 in
5 Dice, 1 Yardzee scorecard and 1 Canvas Bag - $28


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