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Kubb (AKA Viking Chess)

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Kubb (rhymes with tube) is a lawn game where the objective is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. Kubb can be described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes. Play takes place on a small rectangular playing field, known as a "pitch".

This set has all pieces you need to play the game in your own backyard or local park. Crafted in solid cedar, this game is made to last.

- 1 King
- 10 Kubbs
- 6 batons
- 4 pine stakes (to mark of the playing field)
- 1 Canvas carrying bag (with Kubb on front)

Just a note, it does weigh over 10 lbs, so it is quite hefty!

History of the game:

There are two versions of the story of how Kubb came to be; one a little gory and the other totally boring :) First the gory: Vikings used skulls and bones of their enemies to play this throwing game and it came to be known as “Viking Chess.” The boring (and more likely): The game came about sometime in modern times when a creative Scandinavian had too much firewood and decided to invent a new game.

Perfect game for summer bbqs and outdoor fun!