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Personalized Cutting Board with Recipe Engrave on Round Maple

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This is a custom cutting board that will feature YOUR handwritten recipe laser engraved into a piece of maple hardwood. 100% Handmade. Custom piece. This is not one of the many mass manufactured pieces out there being engraved. It is goes from a piece of lumber to finished product - all in our workshop! Heavy duty. Almost 1 inch thick. Made to last for years.

Material: Maple (hardwood)
Dimensions: Round (12 in diameter, roughly 3/4 inch thick)
Engraving is done with a laser and finished with several coats of mineral oil.
Board weighs about 2 pounds, so it has a nice heft in you hand.

To order: Please send us your recipe via a Etsy conversation. Recipes must be clearly written and (ideally) on unlined paper. We can usually clean it up (if it is on an index card or lined paper), but lines and background images may get pulled in (see the Jason's Cookie image, here and there there is a line under a letter).

The board is hardwood, so it can be used. However, we suggest that for the best experience you use it as a serving tray or display (over timer knife marks may wear down or distort the wording). The picture are examples of actual boards with two different recipes and writing styles (to illustrate the final product). These take several days to burn and finish (with mineral oil), so they do take at least 7 days to complete!

To clean the board: Wipe clean with mild dish soap and water. Do not submerge.