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Outdoor Summer Project

Posted by Jason Jones on

This summer, we decided to add some handmade wood touches to our plain old concrete pad.  A simple privacy wall and chaise loungers make the space something we love to hang out in! Check out our house project and get some ideas for your space.

After getting our deck rebuilt and pouring a concrete slab for our hot tub, we were left a pretty stark space. 

Sad empty pad

So, we decided to add a privacy wall (to block any view from the street) and add some nice seating.  Since we had a perfectly level patio pad we decided to put posts directly into the pad and build the wall from there.  

Setting the posts

Supplies used: 

5 – 4×4 Cedar Fence Posts 
5 – Post Bases
20 – Concrete fastners
45 – Cedar Fence Pickets
Nails (for nailing gun)
Stain (optional)
Solar post cap lights (optional)

Wall mostly up

We really needed more privacy from the road and other houses, so we left a good 2 feet open at the bottom. This allows us to easily bring in the hose for filling the hot tub or draining it when we need to clean it.  Plus the doggie still has a short cut!  

Finishing pieces

Since we used cost-effective dog-eared pickets (and we didn’t want to cut them), we covered the dog ears with another picket we did cut to fit the front boards. Simple finishing trick to give a clean look.

Privacy Wall all done

Once we got the pickets up and the finishing boards up on the other side we cut down our posts to size. 


Privacy wall and hot tub

We finished our cut posts with some solar lights and that is it!  We are waiting a few weeks to stain so that the moisture level in the boards equalizes (that will help the stain go on evenly and last longer). 

Next up – seating! 

We decided to go with a Kreg project for an outdoor chaise lounger (and make a couple of them)

Cut the lumber
Chaise lounger all cut and sanded.
Assemble the chair
Chaise lounger in the midst of being built.


Kreg projects on their site are awesome.  They are tested and often the comments have lots of good insights on building their projects from others who have done it.  This one was involved, but not difficult. 

We used pine (1×6) and finished it with stain, but cedar is a also a great choice. Check out the kreg instructions for specifics on materials and cuts.

Finished chair
Built and ready for stain!

All stained and ready to go

All stained and on our concrete pad. Ready for lounging!!

And that was it!  We went from boring and exposed to a warm, private, relaxation space!

Ready to party
Finished! We will probably add a small table and umbrella to finish it off!

– Jess

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